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About Us

Leo Kiesling

Leo Kiesling is our USPPA certified Lead Instructor. 

Leo has trained with instructors throughout the USA to hone his skills and bring you the best possible experience. 

He began his PPG career with Air Capital PPG, and pursued his role as an instructor over the last few years before founding Wichita Paramotor with his wife, Jael, in 2023. 

If you happen to see the tall, bald guy at your field, say hi and enjoy a flight together!

Jael Kiesling

Jael Kiesling is our Ground Crew Leader, Photographer, and Office Manager. 

Jael is most often found in the office, chasing down a missed LZ, or somewhere on the field with a camera.

All of our T-shirts and merch are designed by her and use all those photos she takes! If you have flown over her, you just might find your silhouette on duffle bag, blanket, or shirt!

If you happen to see the messy bun with a camera, fly over and give a wave - and a big smile!

Leo Kiesling USPPA Instructor Paramotor Pilot
Jael Kiesling CEO Ground Crew Photographer

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