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Ground Crew Support

Your loved ones are welcome to join us in Ground Crew for plenty of fun while offering support and watching our pilots fly!

Ground Crew offers missed LZ pickups, refreshments between flights, and photography and videography!

Ground Crew Family Fun

Spouses and future pilots (once they are old enough!) are welcome to join us. We watch our pilots together, keep the coolers stocked, and hold down the Landing Zone. For plenty of good conversation, the occasional picnic, and lots of memories, Ground Crew is there for everyone!


Ground Crew Pilot Support and Photography

When everyone is out flying, it is nice to know you have support. Our Ground Crew stays in contact with pilots, so if you find yourself outside the LZ, we will pick you and your motor up! We also make sure water, sunscreen, and snacks stay handy for pilots.

Ground Crew Photography documents your flights and plenty of memories, too!  Our exclusive photography is featured on our merch in the store link!

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