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Power2Fly Sokar X1 Trike

Power2Fly Sokar X1 Trike

PriceFrom $11,200.00

Fenix XC ready to fly is a great trike if you fly alone or with a passenger. Tested and proven, it is the best option on the market for your Tandem flights. Offered with 160 cm triple Helix propeller, it stands out from the competition. Ready to fly trike weighs only 74 kilos. The trike is 70 inches wide, 72 inches high, and 74 inches long. Feel free to choose between Vittorazi Cosmos 300, Factory R, or Moster 2.87 Red. 

Choose your color scheme for your hoops and chassis - metallic colors are only $150 more!

Decide if you want back cage propeller protection for only $850 more.

Make this big trike your tandem rig with the tandem front fork and harness for only $600!

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