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Power2Fly Cronus XL with Vittorazi

Power2Fly Cronus XL with Vittorazi

PriceFrom $9,600.00

Power2Fly Cronus is entirely made of Titanium. The newest design makes the hoop much stronger, for power take offs and acro flyin. Completly manufactured and assembled in Portugal, it can be delivered to you with a color of your choice. Choose your color schemes for the hoop, the chassis, and the spars! Metallic colors are only $150 more!

The Cronus XL features a 152 cm hoop to accommodate the 140 Eprop or Helix propellers, available with the Vittorazi Moster 185 Fuel Injected Electric Start motor or the Vittorazi Factory R motor. 

As always, all Dudek Harnesses from Power2FLy come standard with a side pocket and a reserve container.

The Factory R comes with Helix 140 props. The Moster 185 Fuel Injected offers Helix or Eprops 140 props.

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