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Miniplane ABM Top 80 Rigid Cage

Miniplane ABM Top 80 Rigid Cage


The new Miniplane ABM (low hang point) Rigid Cage Paramotors - Quieter, more economical, stronger, with the benefits of an airfoil style rigid cage!

The 150cm Rigid Cage diameter accommodates a 140cm propeller!

A bigger prop turning more slowly offers good thrust with lower noise.

In general, every aspect of performance is improved. There is better efficiency of the propeller (higher aspect ratio), so more thrust is obtained with less energy consumption. A larger propeller needs adequate protection that is not offered by Miniplane's traditional flexible cage.

The solution for propeller protection is Miniplane's new cage built with a high-strength aluminum drop-shaped aerofoil profile.

The new reduction ratio makes the propeller turn more slowly. Thanks to this increased efficiency, during horizontal flight the noise is greatly reduced making the flight more relaxing for the pilot with less noise disturbance for those who are watching from the ground.

The new lightweight composite Helix prop becomes a necessary and excellent choice for this paramotor, because it is impossible to achieve the same performance with a large wooden propeller.

A further advantage is that the profile used for this carbon fiber propeller keeps performance high even as air density decreases, as it maintains thrust as the height increases. While the Static thrust is increased a bit, the real benefit is the climb rate, especially at altitude. Most of this extra performance comes from the longer and wider propeller catching more air outside the disturbed airflow of the pilot.

For the 150cm version the RPM of the propeller is drastically reduced, only 2200 (17/75 Standard Gearbox) RPM at maximum throttle. The result is a smoother, quieter, more efficient flight, not to mention the benefits of a rigid airfoil style cage!

Wide Body? Make your Miniplane more comfortable with our ABM Spacers, available in 10 or 20mm sizes.

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