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Mac Para Muse 5 Wing

Mac Para Muse 5 Wing

PriceFrom $3,790.00

We have designed a glider of the EN A category, which excels in performance and glide, at a level which is usually achievable only with gliders of higher categories. In addition, this performance is combined with simplicity, stability, and passive safety. Muse 5 is an enjoyable wing of the sports performance category with great XC potential.

Muse 5 exhibits balanced canopy behavior over the entire weight range. The neutral movements of the canopy in turbulent air are supported by precisely definable control, which contributes to the safety and pleasant steering of the glider by thermalling. The steering forces are medium and progressively increase. The canopy responds willingly to the steering.

Muse 5 is a top hybrid glider designed for recreational pilots combining free and powered flying. For pilots who prefer the highest level of safety. The Muse 5 Hybrid has been tested for powered flying and received DGAC certification. Its flight characteristics and stability provide comfort on board, while excellent performance allows long flights with minimal fuel consumption.

Finally, the most difficult part. How to choose the right size and choose the colour design? Regarding the colour; you must decide according to your own preferences, but with the choice of size you can ask your instructor, dealer or MAC PARA for advice.
The MUSE 5 is available in sizes 22, 25, 27, 29, 31, 34. These sizes cover the weight range from 73 kg up to 190 kg.

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