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Kangook Amaruk with Polini Motors

Kangook Amaruk with Polini Motors

PriceFrom $6,549.00

Whether you're an acro pilot looking for a tough frame to perfect your art, a beginner looking forward to your first flights, or anywhere in between, The Kangook Amaruk is sure to check all of the boxes!  The Amaruk is the natural evolution in a long line of Kangook paramotors.  All attention has been placed on performance and ergonomics and this frame has been optimized in every possible way.


The Amaruk features a 140cm cage allowing the use of propellers up to 135cm in diameter.  The engine is mounted directly to purpose built welded engine mounts eliminating any unnecessary weight and loss of strength from engine adapters.  The thrust line features a slight negative angle causing the thrust line to pass below the pivot of the swing arms providing industry leading pitch stability.  Additional weight has been saved by removing provisions for J-bar arms while reinforcing the mounting for the popular stainless-steel swing arms, CNC swan neck arms, or the new Kobra style arms.  The frame geometry provides maximum strength while also enhancing safety by maximizing netting coverage of the cage where it matters most.


The Kangook Amaruk features a head space cut out providing for unparalleled fields of view of the wing.  Helpful during both launch and flight!  This also allows the starter pulley to be mounted higher making for a more ergonomic engine start all while helping to eliminate rope burns from a low mounted starter rope. 


The 3-piece hoops can be removed and are secured to the frame with straps and to each other with high strength Velcro.  They can be installed or removed in less than 2 minutes making transport to the field a breeze regardless the type of vehicle.


The Kangook Amaruk offers impressive torque compensation coupled with amazing weight shift!  Torque compensation is accomplished using a simple spacer, placed depending on the rotation of the propeller.  This is a simple yet highly effective way to minimize turning tendencies caused by the engine torque.  This spacer can easily be swapped to the other side of the frame if trading engines!


The Kangook Amaruk is finished with a durable powder coat finish.  The center frame is finished in black while the hoop sections are available in black, orange, silver, or purple finish!  The netting is available in black, orange, green, blue, red, and translucent white! 

Two swing arm options are compatible with the Amaruk.  Both options are high strength single piece arms eliminating any fasteners within the swing arm.    The stainless steel tubular arms are made of 316 stainless and are natural in appearance.  The all new Kobra arms are precision machined from a single aluminum billet. The Kobra arms have a durable black anodized finished.  Regardless of your choice, either swing arm option can be swapped for any other at any time!


Like all Kangook Paramotors, the Amaruk is constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation grade aluminum.  Fully welded frames are strong and have very few if any nuts, bolts, rivets or any other type of fastener.  Fewer fasteners mean less worry of parts shaking loose from the vibration of a single cylinder engine and departing your frame and flying through your propeller!


To top all of that off, all Kangook Paramotors comes standard with your choice of diameter carbon E-Prop or Helix!

All Kangook Paramotors come with the following warranty covering manufacturing defects:

Engine: 1 year

Frames: 3 years

Cages: 3 years

Harness: 3 years

Kangook Amaruk

Polini Motori paramotor engines options

Choose your hoop and netting color

Apco or Dudek Harness

Polini throttle or Off Grid Aviation throttle options

16.5L Fuel Tank

Hoop Colors
Netting Colors
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