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Apco F5 Wing

Apco F5 Wing


F5 :: Start your engines!

The F5 is situated under the F3 and above the LIFT EZ-R.
The newest addition to the “Formula Racing” Paramotor range of wings – F1, F3 and now F5, all sharing the same design concept and DNA.

Based on our all time successful Lift EZ, the F5 is designed for anything from basic schooling (School Risers) up to long distance XC flying.
F5 is a true all-rounder and represents a big step forward in technology and ease of use over the Lift EZ.

The Main points that separate the F5 from all the rest:

“Mohawk®” :: introduced for the first time on the F5, this is an inflatable fin positioned at the center of the canopy and performs much like a stabilizer on a standard plane. The Mohawk adds a level of roll stability that was never possible before. This roll stability allowed us to tune the brake action to be much more direct, dynamic and fun. Flying the F5, you immediately feel the brake authority and responsiveness, but at the same time the wing will come out of any roll oscillation fast and completely independently. This makes cruising with no hands a real joy.


Trimmer Speed Range ::  The F5 was designed to give as much additional speed as possible from the Trimmers. A real advantage for pilots that choose not to use speed bar. The trimmers will allow to transition from very slow for easy nil wind take off’s and up to a Fast Stable Safe cruising speed at trimmers fully open!
P.S: Our new trimmer system carries a “life time warranty” for wear or slippage of the trimmers throughout the lifetime of the glider.


Inflation & Takeoff :: The F5 Shares the same lightweight construction as the F1 and F3.
This together with Apco’s proprietary SRS® riser system makes for the best inflating reflex wing we have ever made!


Goodies :: worth mentioning the F5 is equipped with 2D steering brake arrangement and enjoys redesigned Tip steering handles that return to their magnets automatically!
The top floor lines are Apco’s famous Embedded-hook up points and the brake tabs are attached to the canopy with Dyneema brake shrinkers, proven on the F1 and F3 wings.
The Canopy incorporates Our Flow Aligned Ribs technology and the top surface is made from the most durable materials for longevity where it counts!


The F5 is a new breed of beginner to intermediate paramotor wing. Packed with all the latest technology, it seamlessly integrates everything into a surprisingly straight forward and easy to use package that will bring the joy of safe and accessible flight to any level pilot.

We are proud of the F5 being a step forward in the paramotor world – proving once again #ApcoAviationSettingFutureStandards.

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