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APCO F3 Wing

APCO F3 Wing


F3 is APCO’s Sport Class cross country paramotor wing. Intended for weekend warriors with a focus on pure, enjoyable, reliable and confidence inspiring performance.

Based on the ground breaking F1, the F3 delivers a similar performance package in a more manageable and easy to fly wing with incomparable safety and stability.
Nicknamed during development “Baby F1” it was conceived out of the success of F1 and shares many of its older brother’s design features.

Situated above the LIFT range and under the F1, the F3 is the perfect upgrade for pilots looking to move up from their school wing.  F3 offers real life cross country capabilities in a package that can supply both speed and high adrenaline fun with its agility and responsiveness.

F3 will be equally enjoyed by advanced pilots, who do not need the cutting edge performance and speed offered by the F1 and enjoy more relaxed cruising around and slower take-off and landings.


The F3 is a very light wing! This contributes to its high level of safety and incredible ease of inflation, especially in nil wind take-offs. The reduced amount of inertia, further improves the passive safety, delivering a safe, solid, no compromise design. The weight saving is smartly achieved using lightweight materials on all internal parts and bottom surface, but retaining APCO’s legendary long-lasting fabric on the top surface, insuring the longevity expected from APCO.

As with the F1, incorporated into the F3 is our Flow Aligned Ribs (FAR) feature, morphing direction from center to tip, it aligns the ribs with the natural direction of the flow, increasing both performance and stability throughout the speed range. The roll stability of the F3 is especially impressive, allowing for agile, precise handling.

The canopy incorporates 2 functional “3D cuts” for the best possible leading edge shape definition.
F3 sail tension has been optimized to be a homogeneous unit, solid and reassuring in flight.

The riser / speed system / trim system was re-designed to incorporate all of Apco’s groundbreaking technologies, and has a greater usable range than any wing we have built before. The extensive speed range means you can launch and land at reasonable speeds, but can accelerate (speeds of up to 69 [km/hour]) with comfort during competition, or on the perfect long distance XC flight you’ve been dreaming about.

With the trimmers closed, the F3 will thermal well, and has exceptional glide ratio (for a full reflex profile wing), so if you like to mix it up on a good day, idle or cut the motor and crank it up to cloudbase with ease.

Open the trimmers and enjoy a significant speed increase of approx. 10 [km/h] (without the use of the speed bar).
Choose the speed bar and the OAA system will allow you to accelerate to the maximum in one swift motion!

High Hang-Points? – No Problem! Get the 14KIT…
The F3 can be ordered with the 14KIT installed, or customised with the optional 14KIT, which can be ordered separately at any time. The 14KIT contains longer tip steering lines, and an additional magnet and guide ring which is fitted to the risers when flying a frame with high hang points or a trike.

F3 – Free your mind and the rest will follow…….

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