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What's Included:

  • Complete Equipment Package: Your paramotor adventure begins hassle-free with a comprehensive package, including a motor, wing, helmet, comms, flotation, and reserve — all expertly set up for your personal needs by our dedicated instructors.

  • Professional Instruction: Seasoned USPPA rated instructors from Wichita Paramotor Flight School will guide you through 10 days of training, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals and advanced techniques of paramotoring.

  • Private Accommodations: Enjoy the tranquility of your own private room, conveniently located on the Galveston Sea Wall, providing stunning views and easy access to the training grounds.

  • Lodging: Hotel room and continental breakfast with transportation to training sites from Baymont Inn and Suites on Seawall

  • Own Your Gear: At the end of the program, take home your personalized equipment. The motor, wing, helmet, and reserve are yours to keep, tailored to your preferences and needs.

10-Day Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction and Safety Briefing

Day 2: Ground Handling and Basics

Day 3: In-Flight Controls

Day 4: Solo Kiting

Day 5: Weather and Navigation

Day 6: Solo First Flights

Day 7: Advance Flight Maneuvers

Day 8: Emergency Procedures

Day 9: Distance Flight Planning

Day 10: Final Assessments and Graduation

After Graduation

  • USPPA Pilot Rating

  • 1 Year Membership to ICT PPG Flying Club

Wichita Paramotor Training

Flying In Kansas

Training is Kansas is still a 10 day curriculum. Kansas weather is full of exciting changes and once you've trained with us, you can fly anywhere. While the beaches have steadier laminar winds, the weather on the Great Plains can vary and change. Sometimes, our 10 days don't all fall together, but you will leave our training with a strong grasp of flight planning and weather awareness. Training on the Great Plains will give you the confidence to fly anywhere. Your tuition includes up to a year of instructor support after your training, so you can take on new challenges as you explore your limits in paramotoring. Classes in Kansas are on your schedule, year -round. We offer aid in securing lodging and equipment storage while you are training

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