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Mac Para T-Ride Trike Wing

Mac Para T-Ride Trike Wing


The T-Ride is a paraglider specially designed for heavy para-trikes.
It features easy takeoff and landing characteristics matched with excellent maneuverability. The design highlights are stability and efficient cruising speed resulting lower fuel consumption.

Exceptional Handling for a Trike Specific Glider

You will enjoy light and sporty handling when flying the T-Ride. The high performance comes from a combination of the RFE support on the leading edge, carefully selected reinforced airfoils and Mylar plastic filaments for easy launching.

Research and Testing

The MacPara research and development team has tested the T-Ride in different sizes looking for the best results regarding cruising speed, performance, and fuel consumption. The winning size that produced the best results was the surface area of 39 m².

Solid Construction with Safety

The canopy has 58 cells and has an elliptical form with an aspect ratio of 5.2. Diagonal V-tapes and a system of load-bearing tapes give the canopy stability and help to achieve a clean surface. The canopy is very resistant to collapse, but it retains sporty handling in all trim settings.  Specially designed airfoils provide extraordinary glide ratio and stability. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained using Mylar reinforcement combined with plastic rods.

More Performance

A special brake-system on the portion of trailing edge helps to achieve the extremely low minimum speed necessary for launch and landing. Applying symmetrical brake pull aids in good climbing performance. To achieve the best minimum sink rate and low fuel consumption the trimmers on the T-Ride can be adjusted to maximize performance. The open position of trim decreases the angle of attack and increases cruising speed. The brakes are light thanks to routing over pulleys which will make you feel less tired during long flights flying the T-Ride. The pressure increases progressively and provides the pilot with sufficient information.

Two Riser Versions

Version one is equipped with a 5 point risers system and trimmers on the A and D-risers. Application of the trimmers on the A-risers accelerates the glider. Application of the trimmers on the D-risers changes the angle of attack and the airfoils in rows C and D. The split A risers allow easy application of Big-Ears.

Version two is equipped with a special iron/aluminum spreader bar. The angle of attack is adjusted from the trike. See photo T-Ride spreader bar.

The T-Ride is a perfect paramotoring glider for trikes. The T-Ride is a class of its own from the use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during the manufacturing process.

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