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Kangook Basik Trike

Kangook Basik Trike

PriceFrom $1,199.00

Turn your foot launch motor into a trike with the Basik Standard and its one pin system!

Choose from Standard wheels or wheels with drum brakes, add a foot throttle, and add stirrup skis to suit your needs. The frame folds down for convenient storage and travel!

The Kangook Basik is available as a trike or a kuad!  It is the most compact paramotor trike/kuad on the market!  This light weight design is available in two configurations: the Basik Standard and the Basik Komfort. 

Both versions of the Basik are compact!  The one inch diameter reinforced fiberglass axles provide an excellent suspension and are easily removed with a single quick release pin.  The trike can be further broken down with no parts longer than 38 inches on the Basik Standard

Both versions of the Basik can easily accept virtually all makes and models of paramotors!

Trike or Kuad:

Three wheels?  Four wheels?  How about both!  The Basik can be had has a trike as well as a kuad.  The basik can also be easily converted back and forth!

The Basik Standard:

Have the best of both worlds, foot launch and wheel launch!  There is no need to change the hang points on your foot launch machine with the Basik Standard!  This trike/kuad is an independent chassis allowing the quick attachment of any foot launch paramotor.  Four bolts are used to quickly and tightly secure the foot launch paramotor to the trike frame allowing the use paramotor harness and swing arms you already have!  The Basik Standard can be converted to the Basik Komfort at any time.

The Basik Komfort:

The Basik Komfort is a great choice for those who only intend to wheel launch.  The Basik Komfort is a dedicated trike which incorporates stainless steel roll bars for additional safety and stability.  While this configuration does not use the foot launch paramotor swing arms and harness, any paramotor frame with engine can be attached to the Basik Komfort.  A trike specific harness, which attaches to the roll cage, is used in place of a foot launch paramotor and the wing attaches to the roll cage as well.


We highly recommend pairing any of the Basik trike/kuads with the Kangook Classic paramotor frame with the heavy duty option.  This provides the maximum strength and significantly enhances protection for the propeller.

The Kangook Basik is finished with a durable powder coat finish.  The frame is finished in black while the fiberglass axles retain a white color. 

Like all Kangook Paramotors and trikes and kuads, the Basik is constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation grade aluminum and the Basik Komfort roll cage is stainless steel.  All bolts and fasteners are grade A2 stainless steel  All bolts on the Basik trikes are M8's which allows full assembly and disassembly with only a 13mm wrench and a 6mm hex key!

The weight of the Basik standard trike is 31.2 lbs

The weight of the Basik standard kuad is 42 lbs

The weight of the Basik komfort is 49.6 lbs

The weight of the Basik komfort kuad is 60 lbs


All Kangook Paramotors come with the following warranty covering manufacturing defects:

Engine: 1 year

Frames: 3 years

Cages: 3 years

Harness: 3 years

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