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Dudek V-King ES

Dudek V-King ES


V-King ES is a strenghtened version of the V-King – a compact, single-skin EN-B paraglider, created for both free and powered flying. It is ideal for training.
Its small dimensions when packed are an enormous asset while travelling.

The main advantage of the V-King ES is its compactness, still allowing for decent performance and pleasant handling. It is perfect to take it on a long journey, because it does not take up much space in your luggage (precious thing in air travels).
V-King ES is the perfect complement to the suitcase paramotors, recently appearing on the market.

V-King ES belongs to the single-surface canopy class. There is fundamental difference between classic double skin and modern single skin canopies. All the launch, landing and steering techniques look a bit different. If you are an established paraglider pilot, you shouldn’t have any problems with adapting to the wealth of new possibilities brought to you by the V-King. However, this doesn’t work both ways: if you started your paragliding experience with the single-skin gliders, be aware that you are not qualified to safely fly standard double-surface canopies.

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