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Dudek Universal 1.1

Dudek Universal 1.1

PriceFrom $3,500.00

Universal is the first free flying (EN B) paraglider ever, which can be converted by its user into a full-blood paramotor canopy (conforming to the DGAC standard).

After activating the trimmers and installing the ALC + Universal 1.1  becomes a fully reflex wing with good economy, on which you can fly for recreational and cross-country flights, use thermals, and learn to fly with the engine.

Universal 1.1 is a refreshed version of its predecessor, with improved risers and a redesigned color scheme in the Four Elements palette. We replaced Dominico fabric with Porcher and changed the colors of the lines (according to PMA standards). We have modernized risers’ tooling, simplifying their structure, making them more transparent and more convenient to use. The basic parameters of the wing have not changed.




Universal is dedicated for beginner and recreational pilots who fly:

  • exclusively free (but want to benefit from moderate reflex ability)
  • mostly free, sometimes with paramotor
  • both free and paramotor
  • mostly with paramotor, sometimes free
  • exclusively paramotor (but appreciate better economy, easier launch and nicer handling than in standard paramotor wing, like Synthesis2)

Important for instructors

Universal is perfect for initial PPG training.


Universal comes with factory-installed trimmers, but they are disabled (!), e.g secured with plastic buckle and hidden in a neoprene sock. Along with developing pilot skills, or by the judgement of instructors trimmers can be activated (half, of full), and TST toggles can be installed (kit included in the bag).


Both the EN and LTF certificates are valid only when the trimmers are closed AND the trimmer straps are locked with the locking clip shifted towards the trimmer buckle. The risers then remain fixed at their standard lengths and trimmer adjustment in flight is not possible.

When the trimmer straps become unlocked, making the trimmer adjustments possible, the canopy has an ULM (DGAC) flight attest in all available sizes.

Speed system

Size 34 is not equipped with a speed system, because this size is intended for flying on trikes.

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