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Power2Fly Cronus with EOS Quattro Motors

Power2Fly Cronus with EOS Quattro Motors

PriceFrom $9,000.00

Power2Fly Cronus is entirely made of Titanium. The newest design makes the hoop much stronger, for power take offs and acro flyin. Completly manufactured and assembled in Portugal, it can be delivered to you with a color of your choice.

Choose your colors for hoop, spars, and chassis! Metallic colors are an additional $150.

All Dudek Harnesses include a side pocket and a reserve container at no additional charge.

The EOS QUATTRO is the 2nd generation of the EOS 4-stroke engine range. It delivers smooth and progressive power, a low noise level and very low fuel consumption.

The EOS QUATTRO engine is a lightweight single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine with a decompression start system.
The decompression system releases 70% of the compression during the starting sequence. This makes the engine easy to start. As soon as the engine starts, the decompression system switches off automatically.

EOS QUATTRO is a 2-piece, completely CNC-milled crankcase engine made of aluminium. The engine has a displacement of 276 cm³ and has 4 valves driven by an overhead camshaft with chain drive. The lubrication system is driven by an oil pump and provides constant oil pressure regardless of oil temperature or engine speed.
Our EOS QUATTRO cylinder is NICASIL coated and precision machined for increased wear resistance. The crankshaft is fitted with oversized bearings, specially balanced to ensure long life. The propeller drive of the engine is via a clutch further with a Poly-V 16 ribbed belt.

The ignition (CDI) uses an integrated variable ignition curve. We have chosen a float carburettor (CVK30 JAPAN) with a high-flow foam air filter and a high-quality rubber line. EOS QUATTRO ENGINE uses an oil cooling system consisting of an oil pump, hoses and an oil cooler. The oil filter is easily removable and simple to clean. A clear and transparent glass oil level window allows the pilot to check the oil level.

The EOS QUATTRO exhaust manifold is made of stainless steel 2-piece, and therefore has a long service life. The manifold flange is attached to the cylinder with 2 compression springs to ensure the best possible flexibility. The silencer, an anodised aluminium inox combination, with 2 stainless clamps and is mounted with 2 silicone rubbers to ensure a flexible exhaust system.

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